Renowned for its unique and proprietary technology, over the years the company has developed prestigious collaborations with global luxury brand partners who choose Alcantara material for their creations in the fields of fashion, interior, automotive, yachting, aviation and consumer electronics.



Her tissues and its wall-papers to the highest decoration are interpreters of a daily luxury to be understood in the true sense of the word, ie the result of innovative creativity and quality certified. AGENA® expresses the joy of living and taste dressing our homes without rivoluzionarle, giving them a strong personality.


Armani Casa

Armani Casa – Ten years from its launch, the Armani/Casa division of the Giorgio Armani Group has established itself as a global leader in the luxury interiors market. Synonymous with an elegant and contemporary lifestyle, Armani/Casa is the expression of Giorgio Armani’s own vision of the home as an intimate but sophisticated setting with an atmosphere of comfort and harmony.



The Brochier collection, distributed worldwide, is a specialised production of home furnishing fabrics, fashion fabrics and accessories. It reflects creativity and excellence and particularly noteworthy for the very high quality of the natural silk, cotton and linen fibers of the ground cloths and years.


C & C Milano

C&C Milano offers custom-made and innovative textile designs, and the exclusivity of unique hand-made items. The attention to detail is shown by C&C Milano in the final phase of each project, where everything is finished by hand in a highly specialized workshop. The personal control over the entire production process, from spinning and weaving to finishing, is guaranteed to be of the highest standards offered by C&C Milano, in line with the traditional quality of the items “Made in Italy”.

Christopher Farr Logo

Christopher Farr

Christopher Cloth, the fabric division of Christopher Farr was founded in 2000. The collection currently comprises over 45 designs of prints and weaves, utilizing the highest qualities of cloth, from combed Egyptian cottons and Belgian linens to acrylic dyed fabrics suitable for outdoor use.


Colefax and Fowler

Renowned for its classic English appeal, Colefax and Fowler has an elegance and subtlety that is recognised the world over.

Cowtan & tout

Cowtan & Tout

Cowtan & Tout offers unique, elegant and timeless designs. Its collections show an eclectic selection of prints and patterns, with an American point of view.

Dominique kieffer logo

Dominique Kieffer

The Dominique Kieffer by Rubelli collection comes out from two worlds meeting. The magic of Rubelli, built on a savoir-faire that has its roots from the past. And the colourful, eclectic and unconventional world of Paola Navone.


Dominique Picquier

Dominique Picquier – as a proof of quality, our fabrics are woven, died and printed for us in France by the skilled hands of the best craftsmen. This is a token of the linen’s solidity, cotton’s fluidity and velvet’s unctuous softness. The colors are aged, muffled, softened, richly shaded and give them a unique and imcomparable character.



Donghia, Inc. has consistently reflected the dynamic and innovative approach to design that its founder, Angelo Donghia, was renowned for. As one of the most sought after and influential interior designers of the past century, it was Mr. Donghia’s natural inclination for business and an entrepreneurial spirit that truly set him apart from his contemporaries and drove the creation of several successful product lines, which live on today through Donghia Inc.

Drapilux Logo


drapilux all in one – the unique combination of the established functions of drapilux air and drapilux bioaktiv in one product. Textiles equipped with drapilux all in one ensure fresh air and ideal room hygiene at the same time.


Edmond Petit

Their fabrics are made from natural and noble material and are woven into the great French tradition. Their desire is to maintain the originality and quality of these fabrics.

Glant logo


Glant Textiles is the creation of Gary Glant, who grew up surrounded by beautiful design. Today, the initial collection has grown to include approximately 2,000 selections and Glant Textiles is an international leader in texture and color. Highly prized for their exceptional quality and spectacular range of contemporary and high-tech constructions, Glant textiles are found in the most discriminating and beautifully designed international installations, including homes, hotels, restaurants, private aircraft and yachts.

4 Spaces Logo


4Spaces is a Swiss based textile label, which manufactures its own exclusive textile collections for interiors and limited edition designs, with Swiss or European origin. With more than 20 years of experience in textiles and collaborations with the most prestigious international brands.

jane-churchill logo

Jane Churchill

Jane Churchill is renowned for beautiful florals and geometrics typically woven and embroidered. Offering a large range of both upholstery fabrics and drapery cloths, Jane Churchill’s colour palette is both rich and elegant.

Joseph Noble Logo

Joseph Noble

This exceptional collection reinforces Joseph Noble’s ongoing responsibility to excellence in both quality and design. This commitment has allowed his company to design and produce one of the finest contemporary collection of textiles available in the current marketplace – one that continually honors and respects the creative needs of the designer, architect and client.


An Italian editor and manufacturer of double-width fabrics for interior decoration, KOHRO fuses nature, art, design, craftmanship, technology and top quality service. Deeply rooted in a historically renowned industrial textile district, KOHRO makes the most of its Italian cultural heritage. Control over a top class textile filiere gives additional competitive advantage.


Kravet Inc. acquired Brunschwig & Fils, a prestigious decorative house founded in 1900 that shares Kravet and Lee Jofa’s legacy of international design, commitment to quality, attention to detail and superb craftsmanship. With locations in North America and worldwide, Kravet Inc. offers the highest level of customer service, quality products and web technology for today’s design professional.


Larsen draws inspiration from traditional and modern weaving methods from all over the world. Exquisite hand-woven fabrics are universally recognized as being innovative in both design and texture. The range features collections that explore dimension, texture, colour and the inherent beauty of the yarns. A distinctly modern approach prevails, offering unusual pocket weaves, printed velvets, silks, spectacular sheers and wallpapers.

Lelievre logo

Lelievre / Tassinari & Chatel

Paris-based Lelievre is luxurious in texture and colour with designs evoking timeless glamour and sensuality for contemporary interiors. In 1996, Lelievre secured an exclusive world-wide licence with KENZO, adding not only their contemporary fabrics to the company’s portfolio, but also interior accessories complementing Lelievre’s own collection of finished products.



Rubelli, an ancient Venetian company, designs, produces and distributes furnishing fabrics which make houses, hotels, ships and yachts precious and unique. It exports throughout the world and is present in most important Italian and international cities, besides 21 showrooms in the U.S.A.

Manuel Canovas

Manuel Canovas is a French fabric house internationally renowned for the quality of its textiles and for its use of vibrant colour. Unmistakably European, the inimitable Canovas palette is the foundation of all the collections resulting in luxurious fabrics and wallpapers, instantly recognisable for their bold and unusual colour harmonies. Superior fabrics and innovative design make Canovas textiles perfect for residential and contract use.



Exclusive High Quality Luxury Furnishing Fabrics from Europe or from Asia BUT made with European expertise, creativity and technology.

Organoids logo


It is manufactured in the heart of the Alps. All care is taken during the ecological and sustainable production. This starts with the supply of 100 % green electricity and ends with the binders that are up to 100 % biodegrad-able. And of course free of biocides,plasticizers and solvents.

Perennials Logo


Perennials Outdoor Fabrics are proof that outdoor textiles can be both rugged and beautiful. Our fibers are 100% solution-dyed acrylic, meaning they are so resistant to UV damage we confidently offer a three-year warranty against fading. We have independent labs test and certify our fibers, ensuring they exceed industry standards to crucial things such as resistance to soil, mildew, tearing and abrasion.

Destombes Logo


Destombes has always been proposing to a French classic collection with tapestries, silks, plain velvets and Velvet of Genoa. The new collections find their identity in high level linens, cottons, and materials through a simple but elegant style.

RR Decor Logo

RR Décor

Each new fabric is therefore, a fusion of the past and present, craft and industry, while fully adhering to the RR Décor philosophy of original designs only. RR Décor collections are launched in January every year through their network of retailers and distributors in India and rest of the world.